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Do You Have Your School 23-24 Promotional Calendar? Check it Out it’s FREE

Drumroll, please! The moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for has arrived: 2023-24 Promotion Calendar from School Nutrition magazine is now available online, exclusively to SNA members. 🥳

This free digital publication can help take your school meal program promotions to a whole new level of excitement and appeal with an extensive listing of fun holidays and momentous events to inspire you to celebrate in the cafeteria. You might want to debut a new themed menu item on a food holiday, or you could set up a decorative cafeteria display to honor the birthday of an important historic figure.

However you choose to celebrate, be sure to share with SNA by emailing your photos to or tagging the Association on social media. You might be featured in School Nutrition magazine or on SNA’s social media channels!

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We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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