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School Nutrition Association Of Arizona

Article I - Name

Section A.
The name of this organization shall be the SCHOOL NUTRITION ASSOCIATION of ARIZONA thereafter referred to as the ASSOCIATION.

Article II - Purpose

  1. To improve and maintain the health of school children through nutritionally adequate non-profit school
    food service programs.
  2. To encourage and promote between school food service personnel and the general public united efforts as that will assure for every school child an opportunity for adequate nutrition education.
  3. To develop continuing education programs of the highest standards for school food service personnel by providing appropriate educational programs.

Article III - Membership

Section A. Classes of Membership

Membership in the School Nutrition Association is mandatory. There are four classes: School Foodservice & Nutrition, School District Owned Membership, Associate, and Affiliate.

  1. School Foodservice and Nutrition Members- School foodservice and nutrition member categories shall consist of employees, managers, supervisors/directors and educators employed in eligible fields.
  2. School District Owned Membership – owned by a school district in the name of an individual that is transferable to another employee in the same membership category if the original assignee or person leaves the district’s employ. Available for School Foodservice and Nutrition Members category only.
  3. Associate Members-Associate member categories shall consist of retired members, students enrolled in post-secondary school foodservice programs, state agency members, industry individuals, corporations and others committed to furthering the goals of the Association.
  4. Affiliate Members – Affiliate member categories shall consist of school foodservice employees working less than four hours per day who choose the option of being non-voting, supportive members and retired members who choose the option of being non-voting supportive members.
Section B. Eligible Fields
  • Persons employed at the preschool, school, school district, college, state, or federal levels in a food and nutrition program, which serves meals to children.
  • Persons engaged in teaching or administration at the aforementioned levels.

  • Persons engaged in teaching present or potential school food service personnel.

  • Persons engaged in community nutrition programs.

  • Persons employed by the Association or a state affiliate.

Section C. Rights of Members
  • Voting Rights

    a. School Foodservice & Nutrition members, School District Owned Membership, State Industry individuals, State Agency members and Associate retired members whose dues are currently paid, shall be entitled to vote for elections of officers and any other matter submitted by the membership.

    b. Affiliate members shall be non-voting members.

  • Members who cease to be employed in an eligible field may continue their membership until their renewal date.

  • The official state publication of the Association shall be sent without charge to all classes of membership.

  • All members of the Association may observe the meeting of the Delegate Assembly, but only official delegates shall have the privilege of the floor and be entitled to vote.

  • Retired members shall not be eligible for nomination to elective office, but may serve in other appointed capacities.

Section D. Dues

Annual dues consist of the following:

a. National dues as set by the School Nutrition Association.

b. Dues for all classes of membership shall be established by the Delegate Assembly.

c. Collection procedures of dues of the Association shall be submitted at the same time and in the same manner as dues paid to the School Nutrition Association in accordance with the dues collection procedures established in the Association’s Policies and Procedures.


The membership year shall be the same as set by the School Nutrition Association. The Association membership dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board subject to the approval by a 2/3 majority at the annual meeting of the Delegate Assembly.

Article IV - Section Chairs

District Directors and Supervisors Chair

District Directors and Supervisors Chair shall be a current Food Service Director or Supervisor and shall have served the School Nutrition Association of Arizona in at least one of the following:

a. On the Executive Board within the last five (5) years

b. At the national association level in an elected or appointed position within the last five (5) years.

c. Participated at the chapter level on committees and through consistent attendance at meetings over the past five (5) years

d. Participated in the state association through attendance at the Annual Conference, Professional Growth Conference and/or School Nutrition Industry Conference at least three (3) years of the past five (5) years


Shall serve as a member of the Professional Growth Planning Committee.
Shall be a Certified or an SNA Credentialed member of the School Nutrition Association. Shall be the liaison for the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO)
Develops and promotes activities and programs which improves and markets the image of the Association upon approval of the President.


Develops brochures and flyers that promote public awareness of the Association goals and objectives.


Submits to the Program Chair of the Annual State Conference, at least one program presentation designed for the section representation and one presentation for the Annual Professional Development Seminar to the Certification and Professional Development Chair.

School Foodservice Employees/Managers Chair (SFEM)

School Foodservice Employees/Managers Chair (SFEM) shall serve as a member of the Professional Growth Planning Committee.


Shall be a current foodservice employee or manager.


Shall have served on the Executive Board, on a committee, or on the Executive Board of an affiliate chapter within the last (3) years who demonstrates involvement and commitment.


Shall be a certified or an SNA credentialed member of the School Nutrition Association.


Responsible for submitting at least one (I) program presentation for the Annual State Conference and Annual Professional Growth Conference to the appropriate program chairs


Responsible for promoting, receiving, and evaluating activities of outstanding members for the
Heart of the Program Award.


Provide leadership, support, technical assistance, and resource lists and/or materials to members.


Promote membership.


Responsible for developing and organizing professional growth and/or training opportunities at Affiliate Chapter meetings per request of the Affiliate Chapter.

State Agency Representative

State Agency Representative shall be the State Director of child nutrition programs from the Arizona Department of Health & Nutrition Services, or designee.


Shall assist with the Association’s goals and objectives.


Shall act in an advisory capacity to the Association and provide technical and any necessary support the Executive Committee deems necessary.

Article V - Affiliate Chapters

Section A. Established Affiliate Chapters

Each chapter will be known as the. _______________________________ Chapter of the School Nutrition Association of Arizona.


  1. All chapter Bylaws changes, prior to membership adoption, shall be submitted to the Resolutions and Bylaws Chair of the Association following the annual Delegate Assembly. If changes are in harmony with the National and State Association, the Resolutions and Bylaws Chair shall approve. The Executive Board, however, has the privilege of making recommendations regarding proposed changes.
  2. Changes in affiliate Bylaws shall be submitted to the membership of such affiliate for adoption.
  3. Affiliate Chapters should have a minimum of four general and five Executive Board Meetings per year with at least two general meetings meeting certification requirements.
  4. Each year, affiliate chapters shall submit a list of newly elected officers and committee chairman to the Association President within fifteen days after election or appointment. Any changes during the Association year shall be submitted immediately.
  5. Chapter Presidents and Presidents-elect are members of the Executive Board. In order for them to be represented at a Board meeting, they may send a proxy in their absence. The proxy must be from the Affiliate Chapter’s Executive Board.
Section B. New Affiliate Chapters

Any group of ten or more eligible members (as specified in Article III) may, on written application, petition the Executive Board to become an affiliate chapter of the Association on the following basis:


  1. Select an Affiliate Chapter name.
  2. Submit Bylaws in harmony with the State Association to the Resolution and Bylaws Chair of the Association who will in turn make recommendation to the Executive Board. Following approval, a list of newly elected officers and committee chairs shall be sent to the Executive Board with the application.

Article VI - Management

Section A. Management

The affairs of the Association shall be managed and conducted by the Executive Board. The Executive Board and the Delegate Assembly shall not receive salaries for their services.

Section B. Executive Board
  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the immediate Past President, President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, President and Presidents-elect of Affiliate Chapters, Section Chairs, and Chairs of Standing Committees and Arizona elected national officers to the School Nutrition Association Executive Board.

  2. The Executive Board shall determine administrative policies, general policies and may propose amendments to the Bylaws.

  3. The Executive Board shall transact all business referred to it by the Delegate Assembly and act in emergencies. No actions by Executive Board shall conflict with that of the Delegate Assembly, the Bylaws or Certificate of Incorporation.

  4. Assist in implementing annual goals and objectives for the Association as developed by the Executive Committee.

  5. Appoint any person with such powers and upon such terms as it may deem fit to be the agent of the Association as defined in policy and to arrange for bonding such person(s) as it may deem necessary.

  6. Approve the Association budget for any given year.

  7. All monies received for dues, proceeds from conferences, contributions or other sources shall be under the management of the Executive Board.

  8. Approve the budget for all conferences and meetings and exercise general control over the program and establishment of all fees.

  9. Invest the monies of the Association.

  10. Delegate any of its powers in the course of current business of the Association, except as herein otherwise provided, to any standing or special committee or to any office or agent.

  11. Develop any additional program of work or project that may further develop within the State the purposes as stated in Article II.

  12. Approve the establishment of any new standing committee, the chair of which is to become a voting member of the Executive Board.

  13. Retain the services of an Executive Secretary and assign duties and responsibilities as determined by contract and evaluation.

Section C. Executive Committee

The Executive committee shall consist of the President, President-elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past President. (Unless invited by the President, the executive secretary will not attend Executive Committee meetings.) They shall have the following responsibilities, with the immediate Past President serving only in an advisory capacity;


  1. Shall act in emergencies when it is not feasible to assemble the Executive Board.

  2. Upon recommendation of the President, establish ad hoc committees for any purpose deemed desirable for the good of the Association.

  3. Upon recommendation of the President-Elect, except as herein provided, approve chairs of all standing committees for the forthcoming year.

  4. Interview Executive Secretary and submit any recommendations to the Executive Board for approval.

  5. Any elected officer; Chapter President or appointed Chair who is found in violation of conditions required for election, a breach of fundamental principles or rules of the Association, or failing to work under the framework of the Association may be removed from office. The Executive Committee, upon receipt of charges shall investigate the charges, hold a hearing if requested and render a decision. The Executive Committee will establish guidelines for officers.

Section D. Delegate Assembly
  1. Shall be called annually by the Chair of the Delegate Assembly. The purpose is to consider reports and transact such other business as may properly come before the body.
  2. Organization -The Delegate Assembly shall consist of the members of the Executive Board, Past State Presidents who have maintained membership in the School Nutrition Association of Arizona, and the Secretary and the Treasurer of each affiliate chapter.
  3. Voting – Each delegate is entitled to one vote, even though he/she may be a member of the Delegate Assembly in more than one capacity. All past state presidents have the right to vote at the Delegate Assembly when in attendance. An official roll call shall be taken by the Secretary to verify the presence of voting delegates. Fifty-one(51) percent of the members of the Delegate Assembly shall constitute a quorum. Only filled positions should be considered when determining a quorum. Alternate delegates must be an active member and have official approval, by proxy, from the presiding officer in order to vote. The Executive Secretary shall be a non-voting member.
  4. Responsibilities

    a. Review reports of Affiliate Chapters, Association Officers and Standing Committees.

    b. Pursue matters of professional interest and make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Board.

    c. Present resolutions and amendments to the Bylaws, as provided herein, that affects the future of the Association.

    Each member of the Delegate Assembly shall cooperate with the National and Affiliate Chapters in implementing the Association’s annual goals and other such activities as may be designated important.

  5. Resolutions

    a. The purpose of a resolution is to present to the Delegate Assembly matters of concern regarding Association policy or those matters in which the Association should take action.

    b. All proposed resolutions to be brought up for vote at the annual Delegate Assembly shall be submitted to the Resolutions and Bylaws Chair no later than ten (10) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Proposed resolutions may be submitted from the floor upon unanimous consent of the delegates.

  6. Bylaw Amendments

    a. All proposed amendments to be brought up for vote at the annual Delegate Assembly shall be submitted to the Resolutions and Bylaws Chair no later than ten (10) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Amendments to the Bylaws and Articles of incorporation may be proposed in any of the following ways;

    Upon written petition of I% of membership. By an official request of a Chapter.

    By individuals or groups provided the amendment is approved by the Executive Committee

    Amendments received after 45 days may be submitted by majority vote of the Executive Board.

  7. Procedure

    Resolutions and/or amendments, submitted by the Resolutions and Bylaws Chair and an agenda for the Delegate Assembly meeting shall be given by the Delegate Assembly Chair to all members of the Delegate Assembly at least two (2) weeks prior to the annual state meeting. An amendment which has been presented to the Delegate Assembly for a vote in any two consecutive years and is defeated shall not be placed on the agenda of the Delegate Assembly until the second year following the defeat of the issue.

    These Bylaws may be amended, added to, rescinded or repealed by two-thirds majority vote at the Delegate Assembly.

    Any resolutions and/or amendments adopted shall become effective at the close of the annual Delegate Assembly.

Section E. Finance

The responsibility for proper documentation of deposits and withdrawals of monies shall be vested in the Treasurer after an initial review by the Executive Secretary, President, President-Elect &/or Vice-President. The President and President-elect and in the event of absence the Vice President shall be authorized to sign checks; two approvals shall be required for each check. Financial obligations and expenditures of monies shall be limited to funds on hand. Assessments cannot be levied on members nor dues raised to meet obligations.


Refer to procedures for payment process, revenue process (non-conference vendors), vendor revenue process and regular reporting and verification process.

  • Members shall be reimbursed for authorized expenditures on presentation of properly vouchered bills and documentation.
  • Money shall be budgeted to defray the expenses of the President, President-elect, and Vice President or alternates to the Annual National Conference.
  • Money shall be budgeted to defray the expenses of the Incoming President, Incoming President-Elect and Incoming Vice President, and if funds permit, and at the request of the School Nutrition Association, other members of the Executive Committee or Executive Board and Executive Secretary to attend the Leadership Conference sponsored by the National Association.
  • Money shall be budgeted to defray the expenses of the President to attend the School Nutrition Industry Conference sponsored by the National Association.
  • Money shall be budgeted to defray the expenses of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Public Policy and Legislation (PPL) Chair, Public Policy and Legislation (PPL) Co Chair, and if funds permit, other members of the Executive Committee to attend the Legislative Action Conference sponsored by the National Association.
  • Money shall be budgeted to defray the annual state AASBO membership expense and AASBO conference registration expenses for the Directors/Supervisors Section Chair and Co­ Chair.
  • Money shall be budgeted for expenses to attend the Executive Board meetings.
  • The affiliate chapter Executive Board members shall carpool to Board meetings whenever possible.
  • Mileage will be paid based on the mileage allowance set by the state.
  • All Association monies shall be audited annually by an independent auditor. The results of the audit shall be reported to the Executive Board.

Article VII - Elected Officers

All elected officers shall hold office beginning January 1st, following the election, and through December 31st of the same calendar year.
Section A. Eligibility.

All Candidates Shall:

  1. Be an active member in the School Foodservice and Nutrition Member category.

  2. Be regularly employed in an eligible field, as defined by SNA. Retired members may not hold elected office.

  3. Have served on a State or Chapter Executive Board or State Committee within the last 5 years.

  4. Shall be a Certified or an SNA Credentialed member of SNA.

Section B. President
Section C. President-elect
Section D. Vice President
Section E. Secretary
Section E. Secretary
Section F. Treasurer
Section G. Past President
Section H. Elections

Article VIII - Committee Activities

The activities of the Association shall be conducted by the Executive Board, the Delegate Assembly, and Committees.
Section A. Eligibility
Section B. Organization
Section C. Standing Committees and/or Chairs

1. Budget Committee – The Budget Committee should consist of the Treasurer as Chair, President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary and one current chapter President and one Committee Chair to be appointed by the President. They shall submit the budget to the Executive Board for approval by the beginning of the new Association business year. They shall make proposals as to new sources of income; shall give counsel upon any and all financial matters affecting the Association if so requested by any of its governing bodies, committees or affiliated chapters.

2. Nominating – The Nominating Chair should be the immediate Past President of the Association. Other members of the committee should consist of one from each affiliate chapter, appointed by the affiliate chapter President-elect. It is suggested that the local affiliate representative be a past AFFILIATE CHAPTER PRESIDENT. Members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible to be nominated for office.

3. Public Policy and Legislation (PPL) Chair -The PPL Committee shall consist of the Chair who has met any of the following;

4. Membership – The Membership Chair shall inform interested groups of members as to Eligibility
requirements for affiliation; shall be responsible for activities in forming new chapters.

5. Certification and Professional Development-The Chair shall be the liaison between the National Association and the Chapter Certification Chair.

6. Conference Chair and Co-Chair – The Chair and Co-Chair shall work in cooperation with the President in developing and implementation of the Annual State conference and appointing the Conference Planning Committee;
7. Fund Raising – The Chair shall work in cooperation with the President in developing and implementing Fund raising activities for the Association.
The Executive Board approves the fundraising goals that include allocations of the fund-raising proceeds for specific intentions of the Association and foundations and initiatives of the School Nutrition Association.
b. The Paula Barletta Memorial Fund shall be a permanent restricted fund of the Association whose purpose is to assist membership with travel to the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference.
c. The Fundraising Chair and the President will establish a fundraising committee comprised of four members at large and one industry member.
8. School Nutrition Industry Conference (SNIC) – The Chair shall be a person regularly employed in a school related field (School Foodservice and Nutrition Member). The Co-Chair shall be chosen from among current Industry partners. They shall work in cooperation with the President in development and implementation of the School Nutrition Industry Conference in conjunction with a fundraising event.
9. Resolutions and Bylaws Chair
10. Industry Advisory Board Chair – The committee chair shall promote the Association’s Plan of Action and express the views of Industry. Chair may call a special meeting of industry members as necessary with notice to Executive Committee at no expense to the Association.
11. Nutrition Committee – The Nutrition committee should consist of Active members appointed by the Executive committee in collaboration with the Nutrition Committee Chair. They shall establish and complete a plan of work accomplishing the outcomes intended for the year. Propose actions that support members and association needs and goal. Support the Executive Committee and Executive Board in providing expert opinion about contemporary school nutrition issues. The Nutrition Committee Chair shall serve as a member of the Professional Growth Planning Committee.

12. Social Media Chair- Supports the membership through the effective use of social media

Section D. Ad Hoc Committees

These committees shall be designed and appointed as needed to expedite the Association’s goals, objections, and business. The tenure of each ad-hoc committee shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board. The Chairs of such ad-hoc committees shall be appointed by the President.

Article IX - Meetings

Section A. Annual State Conference
There shall be annual State Conference. The purpose is to provide all Association members an opportunity to evaluate new products and equipment, to share knowledge and receive new insights and concepts for food and nutrition programs in the State and to serve as the Association’s primary source of operating funds. Each program will stress and reflect improvement for professional growth in the school food service programs.
Section B. Delegate Assembly

Shall meet annually and be called by the Chair of the Delegate Assembly.

Section C. Executive Board
There shall be at least three Executive Board meetings per Association year, including the annual Delegate Assembly, upon the call of the President or upon request of one-half of the voting members.
Section D. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President.
Section E. Workshops and Seminars
There shall be workshops or seminars budgeted annually. The Executive Committee shall determine by need, participation and program of work, if two or more activities should be combined in one workshop or a particular activity be given an entire one- day workshop or seminar.
Section F. Committees
The expenses incurred by committee members shall be defrayed by the Association at the current approved rate for Executive Board approved expenses.

Article X: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on January 1st of each year through December 31st of the same calendar year.

Article XI - Parliamentary Authority

Subject to the final ruling of the Presiding Officer, the Articles of incorporation and these Bylaws, meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, latest revised edition.

Article XII - Useful Links

SNA Code of Ethics:

For more information re the “SNA Code of Ethics” please click on the link below

SNA Harassment Policy:

For more information re the “SNA Harassment Policy” please click on the link below

Revised: November 18, 2020

Adopted; Delegate Assembly: November 18, 2020

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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