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A Message From “Patti Bilbrey”
SNAAZ President, 2023




2021-2024 Strategic Plan Goals

See below for details.

Goal: SNA/SNAAZ is the voice of the school nutrition industry

Objective: We are advocates for feeding our country’s future.

Objective: We elevate the professional image of school nutrition, both inside and outside of the industry.

Objective: We are universally acknowledged and recognized school nutrition experts.


Goal: SNA/SNAAZ supports the professional growth and career pathways of members.

Objective: We serve as the hub for members to network and build lifelong relationships around common goals and interests.

Objective: We create opportunities for professional growth for members and build their capacity to lead in their schools and districts.


  • Promote the value and qualification of school nutrition professionals through social media and conference recognitions
  • Promote the quality and nutritional value of school meals through nutrition related articles and images on social media, websites and direct communication with people outside of school nutrition
  • Sharing great accomplishments districts and individual schools are doing. Bring these accomplishments to the forefront with social media, SNAAZ website and recognition at state conferences
  • Continue to support legislative efforts by supporting SNA’s Legislative Action Conference and to visit Arizona representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Goal: SNA/SNAAZ cultivates a vibrant community of school nutrition stakeholders.

Objective: We have redefined and elevated the relationship and partnerships with industry.

Objective: We influence, convene, and connect stakeholders who seek to shape the school nutrition industry.


  • Look into implementing a future leaders program for SNAAZ to increase understanding of the process and build confidence in membership to run for office at chapter and state levels
  • Continue to outreach to districts that are not currently active members or participating members to encourage new membership and involvement
  • Explore collaboration opportunities between state association and state agency
  • Evaluate electronic methods to increase opportunities to attend meetings when driving distance is prohibitive to involvement

Goal: SNA/SNAAZ is a thriving organization.

Objective: We have a strong and varied pathway to volunteer leadership and provide inclusive opportunities for contribution.

Objective: We are a digital-first organization with a strong, nimble technology infrastructure and efficient processes.

Objective: We look for ways to disrupt our own business models, leading the way to innovation and new revenue opportunities.


2021-2024 National SNA Strategic Plan

What Our Members Have to Say

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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