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SNA / SNAAZ Membership Has It’s Benefits


SNA membership provides educational and professional development resources, advocacy and networking to help support your career and school nutrition program. Also, by belonging to SNA, you are part of something bigger than just your school or district. You are joining the over 59,000 committed members from across the country who are feeding the future.

Member Benefits

Enhance and further your career in many ways, including

Membership Types

School Nutrition Individual Membership

Membership for the individual school nutrition professional (employees, managers, directors, students, etc.). Take advantage of all of the member benefits! Download the Arizona State Membership Application or join online.

School District Owned Membership (SDM)

A membership that is owned by a school district (or state agency) in the name of an individual. This membership can be transferred to another employee in the same membership category if the original member/person leaves the district. The SDM is managed by a designated administrator within the school district (or state agency). SDM members still receive all the same benefits of individual membership.

International Membership

Individuals residing outside of the United States who provide meals to students are eligible for associate, non-voting, membership in SNA. International members receive a subscription to School Nutrition magazine, as well as member rates for SNA-sponsored meetings and conferences, other SNA publications, and the SNA Emporium.

State Membership Applications

Access individual membership applications for each state. SNA collects both state and national dues for its state affiliates.

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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