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ALERT: Unknow Criminal Enterprises Posing As SNA!

ALERT: Unknown Criminal Enterprise Posing as SNA

sna-news-alertLast week, we learned that an unknown criminal group is posing as the School Nutrition Association (SNA) by producing and sending fraudulent purchase orders (PO) to companies to purchase food products. We have been alerted to this by two separate companies in Tampa, FL. The PO contains SNA’s logo, Arlington, VA address and correct employer identification number (EIN). The phone and fax numbers as well as the DUN & Bradstreet # and other information related to SNA listed on the PO are incorrect. The fraudulent PO was sent to an import company in Tampa, FL to purchase 850 bags of rice. Unfortunately, the import company processed and shipped the products before it realized that they were being targeted by a criminal group. Fortunately, the second food company reached out to us before processing and shipping any products. Last week I received a message from a company on LinkedIn inquiring about SNA. I thought they were interested in exhibiting or advertising with us, but now, based on the questions they asked, I believe they may have also received a fraudulent PO from someone posing as SNA.

Immediately upon learning about this situation, we reached out to SNA legal counsel for guidance. We then immediately alerted our banks and investment company about the identify theft as well as the fraud departments of the credit bureaus to put alerts on file that will tell creditors to contact us before any accounts are opened in our name. We also alerted Dun & Bradstreet.

The import company has alerted authorities in their jurisdiction but were advised that they only pursue cases involving $1 million plus in theft. SNA has offered to speak to the authorities handling their case. We also are filing a report with the Arlington, VA police and will be contacting the Department of Justice that administers the Identity theft and Assumption Deterrence Act.

Hopefully none of our industry partners will be targeted by this criminal group because you all know that SNA does not order and purchase food products. We are alerting the SNA state leaders in case they become a target of this criminal behavior. If you receive any suspicious calls or emails, please email me at

Thank you for your ongoing support of SNA.

Patricia Montague, CAE, FASAE
SNA Chief Executive Officer

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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