Standards of Practice for Nutrition Integrity

SNA Keys to Excellence

Keys to Excellence Best Practices Document 

Keys to Excellence: Standards of Practice for Nutrition Integrity is an initiative of the School Nutrition Association (SNA) designed to assist schools achieve nutrition integrity goals at the administrative, management, and operational levels. This tool, through its standards of practice and indicators, defines national standards for quality programs and provides a framework for continuous program review, evaluation, and improvement. The Keys to
Excellence are also the basis for the 4 Key Areas in USDA’s Professional Standards for School Nutrition Programs Personnel launched in July 2015.

The Keys to Excellence was extensively field-tested in schools within 52 districts during the 1994-1995 school year. The information they provided was the basis for making numerous revisions in this completed document. The latest revision was completed in August 2017 after thorough review by SNA’s Professional Development Committee and Nutrition and Research Committees.

A model school nutrition policy, developed by SNA in 1992, has been endorsed by many state agencies and numerous allied professional organizations. SNA encourages schools to endorse this policy and to develop goals and strategies that address the core concepts provided in this model.

Achieving nutrition integrity means taking a comprehensive approach to program planning, management, and operations. It also means integrating nutrition into the total
educational program of the school. This includes addressing the environments in which meals are served, nutrition education in the classroom and cafeteria, parent and teacher involvement, training school nutrition personnel, and school policies that enhance the effectiveness of the program.

We believe you will find Keys to Excellence: Standards of Practice for Nutrition Integrity a useful and realistic tool. Its purpose is to assist you in providing quality programs and nutrition education for students in our nations’ schools. It is also a helpful resource to reference when preparing for the SNS Credentialing Exam.

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