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2023 Professional
Growth Conference
Begins In

Keynote & Education Sessions

Keynote Presentation

“The Power of Imagination”

JoAnne Robinett

Think you’re not creative? Think again!

This interactive keynote will lead you through the steps to discover several innovative solutions – even when you cannot see the whole picture! Get the formula for creativity and discover how innovative you and your fellow attendees can be!

Education Session One

“Top AZ School District Success Story”


This class will highlight one of the premier child nutrition programs in the state of Arizona. We are keeping the district secret so not to spoil all the amazing things they are doing to market, feed, and prepare their student customers to be the best learners they can be!

Education Session Two

“Lead to Succeed: Conflict Styles Inventory”

Lynelle Johnson

This cutting edge session explores the five different conflict management styles and how each is used to approach difficult conversations with coworkers and/or stakeholders. You will walk away with some effective tools to approach conflict in the workplace so you can achieve more positive outcomes.

Education Session Three

“Building Teams With A Touch Of Courage”

Elizabeth Biggs

Teams … can’t live without them when it comes to operating a successful child nutrition program. This session will cover some great concepts to help you become a better and productive team member.


If you are team leader you will learn the traits of why you want to be a coach and not a boss. If you are a team member you will learn how to better communicate with your fellow team members to help eliminate conflict and frustrations within your kitchen team. (This class track will be in Spanish only)

Education Session Four

“The Rx For A Great Team”

JoAnne Robinett
Take two aspirins and call me in the morning … this might work for a headache, but the prescription for a healthy team involves more than just hoping things will get better. This class will teach you the 7-action steps to get your team on the road to wellness by reducing stress at work.

Education Session Five

“Show And Tell Your Story Through Social Media”

Angela Gomez & Brooke Clifford

As a child nutrition professional you have a story to tell!  Your community will only know all the great things you’re doing for students if you show and tell them what you’re doing.  One of the best and free ways to do it?  Through social media!  School Nutrition Professionals, it’s time to own your niche and story.  Join Brooke and Angela as they guide you through practical social media strategies and solutions so that you can show, own, and tell your story today.

Education Session Six

“Public Policy & Legislation – Everybody Can Make A Difference”

Craig Weidel

Do you know what happens on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  and the affect it has on your child nutrition program?  Learn how you as a voting American can protect and influence the members of Congress to keep supporting child nutrition programs in America and especially Arizona’s school districts.  Join us as we learn how YOU can make a difference and more importantly to help you protect your job in child nutrition … don’t leave it totally in the hands of a legislator.  Learn how SNA and SNAAZ has developed some powerful tools to combat this scenario.

Register for 2023 SNAAZ Annual State Conference

The summer heat has been blazing, but at SNAAZ we’re ON FIRE with conference planning. Yes, we certainly sizzle, but we also have the “coolest” members around. To celebrate you, the conference committee has been planning to let the good times roll at our 67th Annual State Conference. The committee has some awesome plans up their sleeves for rolling out a parade of great education breakouts.

In addition to some great pre-conference sessions and our Saturday breakout education sessions you will have the opportunity to check out the wonderful exhibit hall packed full of new ideas, goods, and services to help make your child nutrition program cutting edge for the students you serve throughout the state of Arizona.Whether you are a director, supervisor, cafeteria manager, frontline staff, or central office/warehouse staff there is something for each of you!

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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