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Professional Growth Conference

You won’t want to miss out on the 2022 SNAAZ Professional Growth Conference…

This year’s theme is “Happy To Be Together Again!”.  The Professional Growth Planning Committee has been hard at work putting together an event that will benefit all levels of child nutrition.  So, whether you are a front-line team member, manager, supervisor, or district director this conference will help and support you to further your knowledge and skills which in turn helps the students you serve each day.  Also NEW this year will be that your registration covers Friday night dinner and FUNraising event!


Monday, April 11, 2022

“Better Together: Leading the Way for School Nutrition.”

7:30 – 8:30 AM

Grand Ballroom

This special time is allotted for our Industry members to find and set up their exhibit tables and put out their point-of-sale materials for the exhibit time in the agenda.

9:00 – 9:30 AM

Arizona Foyer

After you pick up your registration materials be sure to check out the wonderful Silent Auction items you can bid on to support SNAAZ be sure to use your special bidder number to bid on the items you want.

9:30 – 9:45 AM

Grand Ballroom

Brienne Ross, RDN, SNS – SNIC Chair

9:45 – 10:00 AM

Grand Ballroom

Lindsay Aguilar, RD, SNS – SNAAZ PPL Chair

10:00 – 11:30 AM

Grand Ballroom

Keynote Presentation – Candy Whirley, MS, CSP – “It Takes 4 To Tango”

11:30 – 11:45 AM

Grand Foyer

While you are enjoying your break be sure to also check out all the great Silent Auction gift baskets.

11:45 – 1:15 PM

Grand Ballroom

This time is allotted for you to visit with all the great exhibitors that we have to help you learn about the great items they offer you and your CN programs.  This year we will be dividing our school attendees into two groups so you will have plenty of time to check out the first half of our exhibitors.

1:15 – 2:15 PM

Arizona Foyer & Terrace

After picking up your delicious lunch you have the choice to sit in various areas at the beautiful Westin La Paloma. Don’t forget to check your Silent Auction bids because right after lunch the bidding ends.

2:15 – 3:45 PM

Grand Ballroom

Craig Weidel, SNS, MNLP., MHt. – “The Power Of Persuasion 2.0”

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Arizona Foyer

It has been a wonderful day or learning so it is time for a well deserved break. Go back to your room and change into your shorts and flip flops and come back down to enjoy time do more networking and have a refreshing beverage.

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Arizona Foyer & Terrace

Be sure to partake in the wonderful dinner that the Westin’s Executive Chef has prepared just for you. After dinner the SNIC Committee has some fun games planned for your enjoyment or you can just sit back relax and visit with all your old and new friends … the choice is yours.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

“Better Together: Leading the Way for School Nutrition.”

7:00 – 8:00 AM

Arizona Foyer & Terrace

Day two will start out with a scrumptious Continental Breakfast to get you energized for day two’s activities.

8:00 – 10:00 AM

Grand Ballroom

Candy Whirley, MS, CSP – “Emotional Intelligence – Get Off The Roller Coaster”

10:00 – 10:15 AM

Arizona Foyer & Terrace

Time for a well deserved energy break to regenerate and refuel.

10:15 – 11:45 AM

Grand Ballroom

It’s time to switch sides and visit the other half of the exhibits that you missed on Monday. Be sure to complete your Scavenger Hunt Forms so you will be eligible for one of the great prizes that we are giving away at the wrap up session.

11:45 – 12:00 PM

Grand Ballroom

Wow where did the time go? You won’t want to miss this short session because we have some important information and great prizes to give out to some lucky attendees!

Keynote Speaker

Educational Sessions

A Great Event To Earn Education CEU’s – All Education Sessions Will Be Repeated So You Can Hit Them All

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
“Telling a Powerful Story About YOUR Program” - Dayle Hayes

Unified messages can optimize perception, expand engagement, and maximize participation in school meals. Telling a powerful school nutrition story at the heart of successful Arizona students and every school nutrition professional has a key role to play.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01

Most of the stress in your life, both professionally and personally centers on other people and the confusing, frustrating, and difficult relationships we have with them. This session will arm you with some easy tools to solve problems most of us encounter when trying to communicate and deal with people who do not act, behave, or respond effectively or appropriately.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
“FAD Diets” - Shannon Gleave

Have you ever had a student, teacher or parent say that they (or their child) are following a Paleo, organic, B2, Lacto-Ovo, or flexitarian diet? This session will cover the top 10 fad diets and leave you prepared with the facts so you can respond knowing the good, the bad and the ugly regarding fad diets.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
“You Can’t Have Teamwork Without Communication” - Sandra Schossow

These two things go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, many teams don’t understand that. Join Sandra for this fun and exciting program as she delves into just how important these two factors are to keep peace and harmony for your employees and children, they serve each day.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
Where’s the Beef and WHO Moved My Cheese” - Jose Quinones & Travis Menard

Join us as we take a deep dive into the past, present, and future of our industry. We will explore how the pandemic has affected the food supply chain, why we are experiencing product shortages and what these changes mean to you for the present and in the future.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
“Taking Your Social Media From Stale To Fresh” - Angela Gomez

Do you know that school food service programs have a great success in marketing their programs on social media? Are you using it to promote the great things you are doing? According to the PEW Research Center 91% of parents in the U.S. use social media to gather important information for their families.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
“Canva – 101 Basics & Beyond To Market Your CN Program” - Ale Penaloza

Join Ale as she teaches you all the ins and outs of this wonderful design platform that lets you create everything from Instagram posts, flyers, business logos and more. In this session you will learn how to use this online free platform to market and promote participation in your child nutrition program.

pre-recorded educational sessions-01
“The Little Things Matter In Customer Service” - Sabrina Kvavle

For many child nutrition programs staff and management forget that just because you have a captive audience of students each day that eat in your cafeteria just how important customer service really is. Students have a choice they don’t have to participate in your program. Break down in customer service is usually tied to the little things and not the big things. Join Sabrina as she covers the little things which can make or break your child nutrition department as it applies to customer service.

Register for 2022 SNAAZ Industry Conference

Join us on April 11th & 12th, 2022 in the beautiful Tucson, Arizona for our School Nutrition Industry Conference. After two long years, we are thrilled to be back in-person with our conference theme of “Better Together: Leading the Way for School Nutrition.” Whether you are an industry member, director, or supervisor, you will walk away from this event feeling refueled to lead your teams into the next school year.

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