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2021 SNAAZ Annual
State Conference
Begins In

2021 ASC
Code of Conduct

School Nutrition Association of Arizona, hereinafter referred to as the Event Organizers, are dedicated to providing a safe, respectful, comfortable, and harassment-free environment for all event participants. 2021 SNAAZ ASC will be free of discrimination or harassment based on any protected characteristic, including race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age, political affiliation, or status as a special disabled veteran or other veteran.


Event Organizers expect that all participants, including delegates/attendees, speakers, exhibitors, organizers, volunteers, and guests, will conform to the following Code of Conduct.


School Nutrition Association of Arizona is committed to the free expression of ideas in a respectful and professional manner. Participants will not engage in unacceptable behavior which includes, but is not limited to:


If a participant engages in harassing behavior or any other unacceptable behavior, event organizers may take any actions they deem necessary to keep the event a safe and comfortable environment for all other participants. This includes expelling the offender from the conference with no warning or refund. If you, as a participant, are asked to stop any inappropriate behavior, you must comply immediately.

By participating in this event, you agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct. If you violate it, you may be expelled from the event without refund at the discretion of the event organizers and the event organizers may take such other action as it deems appropriate.


If someone engaged in harassing or otherwise unacceptable behavior and it causes you or anyone else to feel unsafe or uncomfortable during this event, please report the circumstances as soon as possible, so that effective, appropriate action can be taken.

You can make a personal report by:.

Emailing the organizing team at This email account will be continuously monitored for the duration of the event.

School Nutrition Association of Arizona may revise this Code of Conduct at any time. This Code of Conduct is without prejudice to School Nutrition Association of Arizona’s rights, all of which it expressly reserves.

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You won’t want to miss out on the first ever in the history of SNAAZ our 65th Annual VIRTUAL State Conference. This year’s them is being Marvelous in 2021 and Beyond! The State Conference Planning Committee has been hard at work putting together an event that will benefit and educate all levels of child nutrition.

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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