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2020 SNAAZ Annual
State Conference
Begins In

Keynote Speakers​

Saturday Sept 26, 2020

Dr. Kevin Sauer, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND

Kansas State University

A frequent School Nutrition Association and ANC presenter, Kevin Sauer is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Professor in Dietetics, and a former School Nutrition Director.  He was a cadre trainer for the Kansas Department of Education’s Child Nutrition & Wellness Management Academy program for 10 years.  An accomplished educator and researcher, he also Co-Directs the national Center for Food Safety in Child Nutrition Programs at Kansas State University.  Kevin served on the School Nutrition Association’s Certificate and Credentialing Governing Council and is the current President-Elect for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Dr. Kevin Roberts, PhD

Kansas State University

Kevin Roberts joined the Department of Hospitality Management and Dietetics in the Fall of 2003. Dr. Roberts is experienced in food safety research and training. While employed with Iowa State University Extension, he assisted with ServSafe® classes around Iowa and in developing food safety information for consumers and foodservice professionals. He has 12 years of restaurant experience, most recently as a food and beverage manager with Seven Villages Restaurant, Williamsburg, Iowa. His research interests focus on HACCP and food safety, specifically, overcoming employee barriers to food safety implementation in the commercial foodservice setting. Dr. Roberts has also been recognized for his leadership contributions as a graduate student at Iowa State University receiving the 2002 VEISHEA Campus Leadership Award.


Dr. Roberts is a member of the International Association of Food Protection, Club Managers Association of America, Kansas – Oklahoma Club Managers Association of America, Mid-America Club Managers Association of America, Council on Hotel Restaurant Institution Educators (CHRIE), Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas (KOMA) CHRIE, the National Restaurant Association, and the Foodservice Management Education Council.

Conference Presenters / Moderators

Saturday Sept 26, 2020

Reginald Ross

SNA National President

Reginald (Reggie) Ross, SNS, is making history in a history-making year. SNA is kicking off its landmark 75th Anniversary year with Ross as its first male president since 1971-72 and only its fourth president who is a person of color. With our country confronting difficult challenges with COVID-19 pandemic and its profound impact on both school nutrition programs and Association operations. This thoughtful, spiritual, committed, gentle giant of a leader is aware of the magnitude of the moment and is well-suited to rise to its challenges.

As with many past SNA leaders Reggie to experienced a twisty path to child nutrition. This path ranging from working with large restaurant groups at the corporate level to information technology to cafeteria manager to Operations and Management Consultant with North Carolina Department Public Instruction. At NCDPI Ross works with 41 school food authorities in 11 counties in North Carolina’s Piedmont Area.

Reggie is anxious to focus on honoring the exceptional champions in our profession for their incredible work. He also wants to continue building the partnership with USDA to provide necessary waivers to assist our programs in getting through these tumultuous times.

Rick Hall

SNAAZ President

  I am so excited to announce the first ever in the history of SNAAZ our 64th Annual VIRTUAL State Conference to be held Saturday, September 26, 2020!  This year’s theme is “SNAAZ Honors All First Responders”. When you think of first responders what comes to mind, medical professionals, police, fire, or rescue?  Of course, those are all important and yet I want to also recognize the first responders of Child Nutrition which have risen to the top to continue to feed students throughout the state of Arizona despite COVID-19.

Our goal as school nutrition professionals is to advance the quality of school meals for our children.  Sandra Schossow and her virtual conference planning committee have been hard at work putting together an event that will benefit and educate all levels of child nutrition.  So, whether you are a frontline worker, manager, supervisor, or district director this conference will help and support you to further your knowledge and skills which in turn helps the students.


So, what is this historical event going to look like?

I look forward to seeing each one of you at this historical first time ever event!


Stay safe … stay strong,

Rick Hall, SNAAZ President

Sandra Schossow RD, SNS

SNAAZ Past President / State Conference Chair

Many started 2020 with team goals, conference themes, and catchy phrases focusing on this as the year of 2020 vision. If only someone could have seen what was really ahead of us! Our SNAAZ President, Rick Hall, must have had some insight when he picked the theme last year about honoring our superheroes. Little did he know that our industry would shine as the true superheroes, feeding our children every day in every way possible. With the uncertainties around us, we are excited to bring you the first SNAAZ virtual conference. This conference and this year may not look like it has always looked, but we wanted to bring you opportunities to connect in times where connecting hasn’t always been possible. We hope that you take full advantage of the live sessions and the additional sessions to get you ready to make this year, no matter what it actually looks like, an amazing year!

Holly Baran-Price

SNAAZ Membership Chair

Holly Baran-Price is an elementary cafeteria manager with Gilbert Public Schools. She is going into her third year with child nutrition and has a love for fueling students to succeed. Holly is the current Membership Chair for SNAAZ and is enjoying reaching out to directors throughout the state and building relationships within this community. She is excited to wake up in the morning, even though it’s super early, and get to work to see the smiling faces of the kiddos who are hungry for learning and for food! Being a member of SNAAZ is beneficial to her because of the growth and development through training and webinars, along with the voice she gets to be for the advocacy of school nutrition and its programs.

Shannon Gleave

CN Director, Glendale ESD

Shannon Gleave RDN, SNS is the Food & Nutrition Director for Glendale Elementary School District. She has served on the SNAAZ board as Membership Chair, Nutrition Chair, President Elect, President, Past President, Director Supervisor Chair and PP&L Chair. Shannon is currently serving as an At Large Director with SNA National. She believes that every child deserves healthy meals and being a member of SNAAZ helps advocate for school meals

Wendy Sahr

SNAAZ Industry Chair

Wendy Sahr is the K12 Sales Manager at Foodservice Specialists. She has been in the foodservice industry for 37 years with the last 14 dedicated to the K12 segment. Wendy has been the SNAAZ Industry Advisor for the past 5 years and is on the School Nutrition Industry Committee (SNIC). She enjoys attending many SNAAZ Chapter meetings and events throughout the school year. Wendy is active with volunteering at mobile pantries at Litchfield and Creighton school sites to reduce hunger in the valley. K12 is her favorite segment in foodservice and making a difference in school meals is a true passion for her. When not working or ‘SNAAZing’ she loves to be outdoors near any place that has water and spending time with her grandkids and dogs.

Callie DeSoto

SNAAZ Exhibits Chair

Callie DeSoto is the Nutrition Operations Manager at Peoria Unified School District. She has been a school nutrition professional for 24 years and has worked in all types of positions throughout the food & nutrition department of Peoria Unified School District. She has a degree in Hospitality Management and enjoys being part of school nutrition. Her Grandmother was a “lunch Lady” and her daughter also works in school nutrition. The passion for food service runs deep within her family.

Natalie Tenney

SNAAZ Hostesses Chair

Natalie Tenney is a child nutrition supervisor for Gilbert Public Schools. This is her 13th school year and each year presents new, and exciting opportunities and challenges. Natalie is SNS credentialed and has enjoyed being a SNA/SNAAZ member since 2014. As a school nutrition manager, she was invited to a SNAAZ event and was shocked that she never knew about such a supportive, fun, and collaborative association existed for School Nutrition Professionals! Participating in SNAAZ has enhanced her job skills, gained professional contacts, and obtained professional development credits. She is currently the SNAAZ local chapter President for the Eastside Chapter. When she has free time Natalie enjoys reading, cooking, playing the piano, and playing tennis.

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You won’t want to miss out on the first ever in the history of SNAAZ our 64th Annual VIRTUAL State Conference. This year’s theme is “SNAAZ Honors All First Responders”. The State Conference Planning Committee has been hard at work putting together an event that will benefit and educate all levels of child nutrition.

We are a state affiliate to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 55,000 individuals who have made a commitment to child nutrition.

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