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22nd Annual School Nutrition Industry Conference
June 5-6, 2017
Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa

"(Learning + Imagination + Growth) = Customer Satisfaction"

Whether you are a CN operator, manufacturer, distributor or broker when it comes to the profession of child nutrition you never stop learning. And as the equation states the end result of all our efforts is to build a satisfied customer base of well-nourished students that will someday run the world.

Dr. Jim Painter, PhD., RD
Keynote Presenter

Dr. Jim Painter, PhD., RD - Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health at the University Texas - Houston; guest lecturer; nutrition expert.

Dr. Painter has dedicated his life to the profession of nutrition and is a true food psychologist. Food Psychology is the study of how our thoughts effect our diets. As a speaker and educator about food psychology, nutrition expert, Jim says, "If you want to lose weight, think small." His presentations about portion sizes, calorie reduction, heart health, antioxidants, and others have taken him around the world to inspire large and small audiences with the knowledge to help them succeed in today's food culture.

Dr. Painter has produced Portion Size Me, a documentary about fast food and health, and been featured on CBS's "Early Show" and in journals and magazines including the Journal of American Dietetic Association and pop magazine Glamour.

His topics cover the gambit from "Why We Eat More Than We Think" to "Current Issues: Fats in Vogue, Wheat Woes, Uh-Oh GMO's" to "Nutrition in Disguise: Enticing Students to Choose Foods with Benefits." His fact-filled and humorous presentation style will shed light on some of today's most important health and nutrition issues as they relate to both your personal and professional life in the business of child nutrition.


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See you next year!

SNIC Chair -- Craig Weidel, SNS
SNIC Co-Chair -- Karen Moore, SNS