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President's Message

Patti Bilbrey

Hello SNAAZ Friends!

We hope you all had a fabulous school year and it's one you will remember fondly! Sending out a big high five to you all for a successful summer, whether it be running an outstanding SFSP program, gearing up for the new year or recharging with family and friends. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job well done and for all you do, each and every day!

Delegate Assembly was recently held on March 23, 2017 at the Professional Growth Conference in the beautiful whispering pines of Prescott, AZ. There were many important bylaw changes to come before the Delegate assembly, but wanted to share 2 votes that were particularly exciting:

The Delegate Assembly voted unanimously to approve the change the SNAAZ fiscal year from that of August 1 - July 31st to the new dates of January 1 st - December 31st. The rationale for the change was to more closely align the fiscal year with the organization's natural business year, more closely matching expenses and revenues in the fiscal year they actually occur. In addition, this change will alleviate the pressure of closing the year end during the highest period of financial activity and when a new treasurer has often just assumed their role.

The Delegate Assembly also voted to approve to change the terms of the State elected officers (Pres, Pres-Elect, VP, Sec and Treas) to align with the new fiscal year. Terms will now begin on January 1st and run through December 31st. Your current State elected officers will remain in their current offices through December 31, 2017, rather than the previous change of officers that would have occurred on August 1, 2017. The new succession of officers will take place on January 1, 2018, with Crystal Gray assuming the Presidency at that time.

The most exciting outcome of these changes is that the State Conference will be held in the final months of a Presidents term and...drum roll please...elections of officers will now take place at State Conference! How awesome is it that the elections will now be done where over half our membership is in attendance. We truly feel this honors your voice as members and allows YOU to cast your vote for the future of SNAAZ!

As President, I happily look forward to a few additional months serving you and working together to make our organization stronger, better and one you all can be proud of. It is each of you that makes the SNAAZ star shine so bright!

My hats off to you as you enjoy the summer months, strolling on the beach, dipping your toes in the pool, laughing with those you love or simply sleeping in on occasion. You've all earned it!

Happy Summer,

Patti Bilbrey
SNAAZ President